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The celebration of World Soil Day

The celebration of World Soil Day 

On December 5 - 6, 2018 in the Dokuchaev Central Soil Museum (Birzhevoi Dr., 6, St. Petersburg 199034, Russia) will host the meeting of leading Russian and International soil scientists. Poster sessions, round table and panel discussions will take place at the event.

The celebration of World Soil Day. The Dokuchaev Central Soil Museum

Representatives of academia and business will discuss issues related to education and human capital in soil science, the importance and role of soil knowledge for food security and will try to answer the following questions:
What is modern soil science and what issues does it aim to resolve? What is the demand for soil science in Russia, Central Asia, the Caucasus and Africa, and what are the ways of developing human capital for the rational use of soil resources in these regions? What are the balances and trade-offs between fundamental research and practical applications? What skills do soil scientists need to have today to solve existing challenges in the respective regions and improve food security? Is it important that agronomists, food policy experts, conservationists, ecologists, biologists etc. have knowledge and expertise in soil science and why?

Registration is now open for the Third Round Table “Food Security, Soils and Human Capital in Soil Science”.

Plan of the Events

December 4 (Tuesday)

Arrival in St.Petersburg December 5 (Wednesday)

December 5 (Wednesday)

  • Plenary Session «Food Security, Soils and Human Capital in Soil Science»
  • Poster Session
  • Cultural program (museums of St. Petersburg)
  • Dinner-quest

December 6 (Thursday)

  • Roundtable «Soil Science and Digital Agriculture»
  • Tour of Dokuchaev Central Soil Museum
  • Panel Discussion «Education and Soil Science» with representatives of leading institutions in this field

Programme you can find here

You can find information about accommodation during the event in St. Petersburg here.

If you have any questions about the event or need visa support to travel to Russia, please feel free to contact us directly:
Anna Kontoboitseva -kontoboytseva@gmail.com
Anna Buyvolova – abuyvolova@worldbank.org
Yulia Timofeeva - tima204@yandex.ru

Looking forward to seeing you in St.Petersburg!